As per usual, I'm avoiding unpacking from my trip by blogging about it.  Priorities people.  I'm so glad we took this little babymoon.  It was wonderful to get to see Trevor, Kristen, and Kirra, and so fun to take one last trip with just our Jilly.

Bryan had to go to a work conference in the morning so we left around 2pm.  The negative side was that we didn't get to AZ until 3am, but the positive side was that Jilly slept from 8:00 on.

The girls both woke up early so excited to see each other.  Trevor and Bryan went on a bike ride while Jilly and Kirra played and Kristen and I chatted.  When the bikers were done we headed to the pool.  I couldn't believe how hot it was (in March!)
Jilly was exhausted from the swimming and playing and crashed on the couch while watching Brave.  If Jilly is anything like her mother, this is how she'll watch most movies for the rest of her life.
That night we went to Freestone Park and let Jilly and Kirra ride the carousel and the train and feed the ducks.  They were in heaven.

 Jilly would throw her bread then yell at the ducks to come eat it

We had yummy hot dogs (complete with J Dawg sauce) for dinner then I think the others watched a movie but I went to bed.

We had a relaxing morning- ate breakfast, got ready for church, took the girls on a little walk, and then left for church.  Last Summer my grandma gave me some fabric from her stash, and I couldn't resist making the girls matchy St. Patrick's Day skirts from this green polka dot fabric (someone is going to have to restrain me when I have two girls of my own to match all.the.time.)

After church Kristen and Trevor made us a proper St. Patty's dinner of corned beef and cabbage then we went to see the Mesa Temple.
That night Jilly got her first haircut from Auntie Kristen.  Again, the other adults probably watched a movie that night but I quickly fell asleep on the couch.

Bryan and Trevor went for another bike ride.  Kristen and I braved Target with the girls then met up with them for a yummy lunch at a Thai restaurant.  Then we told the boys it was their turn to be responsible parents (but later realized it was totally unfair since the girls slept almost the whole time the boys had them.)  Kristen and I enjoyed our child-free afternoon at a couple of malls.

We met up with Bryan's uncle and family that night and got Sushi for dinner then went back to their house for dessert.  It had been 3 years since we had seen them and it was so fun to catch up.  Jilly loved playing with cute Shayna (Kirra likes her too, just didn't want to sit for a picture.)
I won't say how many pieces of chocolate it took to get the girls to take a picture with Uncle Doug
And we got a family picture with a saguaro in their yard.
This night I know we watched Wreck-It Ralph. I made it through about 45 minutes before falling asleep (are you noticing a trend?)

We woke up early and let the girls play while packing up the car then it was time to say goodbye.  
The twelve-hour drive home felt very, very long but we watched lots of Dora, sang about a million verses of The Wheels on the Bus, stopped at Chick fil A for a long break, and took a few naps (Jilly and I, not Bryan.)  Our fun trip was definitely worth it.  Thanks Trev, Kristen, and Kirra!!  


Kristen Fitzgerald & Trevor Martinez said...

This makes me miss you guys. Kirra is freaking out looking at the pictures. She wants her Gigi...Glad you made it home safe.

Lisa Michelle said...

So many great pictures! I love the picture of them by the pond/lake, the one with their dresses, and the one by the cactus. Looks like such a fun trip. Documenting is definitely superior to unpacking. :)

Katie said...

The girls are adorable together!