Once upon a time I was obsessed with Glee.  But this season it has been bleh and I've decided I'm done.  I feel kind of dumb because I promoted it so much and told so many people that they had to watch it.  But, guess what, you don't have to watch it, and I'm not going to anymore either.  For now I'm going to stick to listening to the CDs in the car at full blast and singing along, helping my daughter learn to appreciate good music from the beginning.


Shauntel said...

Totally agree. I stopped promoting it a few episodes ago. While there are completely hysterical moments, and they do have some amazing songs, there are also just some yuck moments.

I do love that music though. Now I just look up the songs they sang to see if I "need" them.

Did you know that there is a Glee Christmas CD coming out next week?

I'm so there.

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

i'm totally with you!