Virginia is for Lovers

I'm pretty sure I've written approximately 5,000 posts on how much I love Virginia, but what's another one at this point?  We have a friend who is thinking of moving to Virginia and asked me why he should.  Oh, that was a mistake.  I asked him to give me a time limit so I didn't go on for the next 10 hours.  In my short time limit, I came up with this:

1. the people are amazing- everyone is so kind and friendly, the "southern hospitality" you always hear about is 100% true (and if you want to meet the very best people in VA I could introduce them to you because coincidentally I'm related to them!)
2. it is beautiful there- trees, flowers, old buildings, etc.
3. history is everywhere you go (maybe this is only tempting for a nerd like me) I love seeing the oldest settlements in the country, presidents' homes, and old battle fields all in one day!
4. the weather is excellent- once you get over the humidity (and you will, I promise) the weather is perfect- hot in the summer with massive thunderstorms, delightful in the fall and spring, and not bad in the winter (don't count this winter, it was a fluke)

Have I convinced you yet?  My love for Virginia is one of the reasons I am dying to win the giveaway on my amazing interior designer friend Kirsten's blog.  You should check out her blog A. because it is fabulous and she is so talented and B. so you can enter the giveaway too!  (But if you win, I expect you to choose Virginia for your state.) 


Suzie Soda said...

I love Virginia too. But you didn't mention the fall..it is my very very favorite time of the year with all the colors and the leaves changing. I am a trader to my Califronia roots.......I am now a southeastener at heart...who knew ya'all?

Suzie Soda said...

I guess you did mention fall.....just wanted to put more emphasis on it.:) xoxoxo

tracy said...

Virginia is the best! (Second only to Connecticut!)