A Love Story

The real reason we went to Virginia was for Bryan's brother Trevor's wedding. He married a cute girl named Kirsten who I love because A. she is hilarious, B. she is so sweet, C. she's going to be a fabulous sister-in-law, and D. she's from Virginia!This isn't really my story to tell, but their story is so great I wanted to share. I'm not sure when Trev and Kristen started dating, but I know that it was before Bryan and I started dating in April of 2006. They dated for a while then in 2008 they both left on missions. For two years Trevor was in Brazil and Kristen was in Indonesia. They wrote back and forth (it still amazes me that letters could actually make it from Indonesia to Brazil and vice versa) during that time. Kristen came home in November, then Trev got back in January. After many years of waiting, they got engaged in February and were married on March 26th. We were so glad to be there for the exciting event (even if it was freezing cold!) It was also fun to be back at the Washington D.C. Temple because we hadn't been inside since we were sealed there in July of 2007.

All the Martinez ladies plus Grandma Griffin

All the guys

Cupcake Mess


Suzie Soda said...

How fun that you have all these sister-in-laws to love.
It was good to see you. It has been a really hard week and I know your mom is so so sad. We all are but I know she was your mom's best friend. xoxoxo

Jenna Reynolds said...

Yay, I just found your blog! Check out my comments on your older posts... :) (principal and best.day.ever ones)