I think Bryan felt like our blog was getting a little too girly and decided he needed to contribute to make it a little more man-friendly. Unfortunately, he chose a different path of masculinizing our blog than the usual method of simply writing a post. He changed the settings so whenever someone tried to visit our blog it gave a warning that we have adult content that may be unsuitable for children.

Really Bryan, really?!?

This blog is pretty much the most suitable thing for children in the whole entire internet. So I'm sorry if you were afraid to log on because of our explicit blog. We'll work on keeping it clean for the kids from now on.

Happy President's Day!


Ashley said...

Haha! That's hilarious. I logged on this morning and got that message..I was really confused. :)

Lisa Michelle said...

Hey Rach! Where'd you get that cute (I don't know what you call it? Header? Title?). Love it. P.s. Black EYE?!?!?!

William and Tiffany Strong said...

We will keep a close eye out for "R" rated material on your blog!