summertime and the livin's easy

So far summer is fabulous. And, it's just going to get better! But, let's rewind. Last week of school was crazy- both the kids and I were totally ready to be done. I cried my eyes out when saying goodbye to my 21 favorite fourth graders. In the end, it was definitely the most difficult year of my life, but also the most rewarding. I could go on for days about all the great experiences I had. It was very difficult to say goodbye. But, I love the free time! I have great aspirations to finally catch up with friends, clean and organize my apartment, scrapbook the past year, read as many books as I can get my hands on, play lots of tennis with Bry (I beat him for the first time last Saturday- yea!), get a great tan, finally cook dinner, use our brand new tent, and get all ready for next year. And, I can't forget all of the fabulous trips we have planned. I'm excited for our first real summer together!

Here's a picture of my crazy kids- love em!

Last night to celebrate summer Bryan had the great idea to have foil dinners up in the canyon. I was excited about our plans all day long. I put together our little picnic (and ate approximately 1/4 of the oreos I bought for us...oops) and got the foil dinners ready. Bry got home at 6 and as soon as he changed and we got in the car my excitement was smashed to the ground by some big dark clouds. It eventually started to rain, which only further led to my depression. But, what can I say, we are dedicated "wilderness people" (I know you're laughing right now because anyone who knows me knows that I am the complete opposite of that.) But I had worked so hard on those foil dinners, and it was then or never, so we decided to persevere. We were lucky enough to find a picnic table and grill that were under trees so we really didn't get very wet. In fact, everyone was completely jealous that we had found the perfect spot. Our dinners turned out great and we had a very fun night. I'm so grateful for Bryan and his great ideas, and for making me the wilderness girl I am today.

Our dinner cooking, happy once the rain stopped, the delicious final product!

Tonight we leave for Oakley to celebrate Chad's graduation from HS. I'm so excited for Chad because he's coming out to BYU with us!!! Chad is an awesome brother- he is so fun and so kind, we can't wait to have lots of time with him next year!


Janssen said...

I can't wait to hear more about your fun summer plans!

Suzie Soda said...

I love foil dinners even though I hate to camp.
You are a trooper.

Lisa Michelle said...

SO FUN! You are so outdoorsy, Rachel :) And I can't believe you beat Bryan at tennis! You are amazing! I better practice really hard this summer or you will demolish us (let's face it, you'll demolish us no matter what)! Good news: Bryan's parents bought me my first racket and it is SWEET (unfortunately, not pink, but awesome)! You are amazing, Rach. Miss you! p.s. I don't know Blog etiquette. Can my comments be as long as my facebook wall posts?

Steph Dill said...

JP and I love to go camping. We should all go together sometime! I miss having a "real" summer break! Enjoy it!!!