California Vacation

Here are some highlights, but really the whole trip was wonderful!

1. Chad's graduation. It was a little warm sitting out on those bleachers all morning, but definitely worth it. We're so proud of Chad and his great accomplishments. Way to go!

2. Brownies! After graduation we party-hopped aka ate and ate and ate! The last party (and the best) was Chad's. I loved all the food, but my favorite part was the table covered with brownies. We had mint brownies (my favorite) and these delicious brownies that have marshmallow cream, rice krispies, and peanut butter on them. I was in heaven and I ate at least 12 of them over the weekend- not a lie.

3. Beach- Of course we had to make a trip to the beach. Bryan and I drove along the coast up to Stinson Beach. It was pretty cold, but a beautiful place! And, the great news is that we found where we're going to build our beach house- you're all invited to come party with us when it's finished.

4. Lake Chabot- We went to this gorgeous lake to have a picnic and enjoy the trails. Things got a little tense when the boys left Sherrie and me to go biking. A scary homeless man came up to us and when we didn't have any food or money to give him, we were afraid he was going to attack us. But, he didn't.

5. Ice cream- Yes, I gained a ton of weight on this trip. We went to Fenton's and got a black and tan, which I have been craving since we were last there in January. We also went to John's, which is one of the most brilliant ice cream places I've ever been to- Every scoop is $1, and it's very tasty. I'm thinking about opening Rachel's here in Provo.

6. Chad had a surprise for us when we got off the airplane. We had lots of fun using tons of hairpsray to perfect his new hairdo.

It's always hard to come back to real life after such a great trip. Fortunately, my "real life" at this moment involves pretty much nothing- hooray for summer!


Amy said...

so fun- glad you guys had a good time. Sorry to hear about Bryan's bike- that is such a bummer! Miss you guys, can't wait for July.

Kirsten Sue said...

That post made me very hungry. Hmmmm....I want some of that ice cream. Sounds like a fun trip!