Confessions of a Housewife

I love my life right now. Love it!

I love reading in bed every morning.
I love going for a little run every day (almost.)
I love love love checking things off of my to do list.
I love having a clean and organized apartment finally.
I love making dinner.
I love spending time with friends and family.
I love working on fun little projects.
I love scrapbooking.
I love plowing through the list of books I've been dying to read.
I love planning fun vacations.
I love watching all my favorite TLC shows.
I love getting all the laundry done by 11:30 am
I love running errands. Yes, I really do love it.

With the way my summer is going so far, Bryan's going to have a hard time getting me to go back to work in August!


Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

Rachel I love your LOVE list! I must admit I love it too :) Your blog is so fun to read! I'm glad to see that everything is going well for you!