Summer Bucket List

We spent our last full week of summer checking off our summer list, getting ready for school, and having lots of fun.  First was dental appointments and haircuts for the girls.  Both girls are in the No Cavities Club and Mattie got an awesome prize since she had given up her pacifier since our last visit.  The girls did a great job during their haircuts too.  It was Jilly's first cut in a year and Mattie's first ever so it's really nice that they both finally have fresh ends.  We stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour slushes and a cherry limeade on the way home, something I'd been wanting to do all summer!

We met up with Katie and Joey at Ikea for lunch and shopping one day.

And we got down all the baby clothes from the attic; I can't believe how tiny they are!  The girls are so, so excited for their little sister and they loved getting out their old clothes for her.

I finished painting the girls' bunk beds and Bryan got them all set up!  Mattie is still adjusting to sleeping in the bed (specifically the sleeping part) but luckily the crib is still vacant so she can sleep in there when she's having a hard time going to sleep and keeping Jilly up.

The Wilsons had the best idea to ride the light rail up to Chick fil A for lunch one day.  We hadn't ever been on the light rail and we always love Chick fil A so it was a real treat.

And Friday was Mormon Night at the Orioles game, it was so fun to be there with so many of our friends.  Mattie begged us for cotton candy but it turns out none of us really like it that much, haha.  And we made it to the end of the game and got to see fireworks!  Mattie was so exhausted, she fell asleep in Bryan's arms as we walked back to the car.

If I'm being honest, I really wore myself out these past couple weeks.  I hate not being able to do everything I want to do so I've ended most days exhausted and very sore.  It didn't help that Bryan was super busy at work all last week and wasn't around very much at all.  It's probably a good thing though because I'm finally looking forward to Jilly being in school and having things slow down a bit!  We still have a few things to check off on our Summer Bucket list and we have plans to do most of them in September, but I've come to grips that we're not going to do everything (like riding a roller coaster?  Not happening.  It has been WAY too hot to go to an amusement park.)  We had a very full and fun summer and I think I'm finally ready to move on into fall.