More Summer Fun

We've been wanting to try out the dragon paddle boats in the harbor and since there is a strict 4 person rule (and no babies under 2) we knew we needed to go this summer.  One Friday night we headed downtown.  We stopped at a pizza place Bryan's coworkers had recommended (delicious pizza, but I think next time we'd get takeout, it wasn't in the nicest part of town) then we took a fun little ride on the paddle boat.  I snapped this funny picture of Mattie; she really did have fun, but I think she was getting tired.

Fun at home:  Mattie with a baby in her tummy, Bryan made the girls a boat from an Amazon box, and early morning scooter rides (before it gets too hot for me!)

Bryan and I met my parents, Katie and Neal, and Leslie at the temple one night.  It was really great to be there all together, and the temple is closed for cleaning from now until the end of September so this was our last time going for a while.  

We have the best babysitter ever, it's so wonderful to be able to leave and know the girls are well taken care of and so happy.  She did this scavenger hunt with the girls and they had a dance party, played dress-up, and she let them do her hair (so nice!)  It helps that she has four brothers, so I think she enjoys some girl time at our house.

A visit to the aquarium and Shake Shack with friends.  Lauren is also having a baby girl this fall.

Mattie fell asleep in the car on the way home from the aquarium but we really needed to stop at the grocery store.  I couldn't get her to wake up so I grabbed the picnic blanket from our trunk and let her sleep in the cart.  

A fun and quick visit from Gigi, Leslie, and Bethany.  We went down to Washington D.C. and visited the National Museum of American History (the girls LOVED the first ladies' dresses) and the United States Botanical Garden.  My Supermom pushed both girls in the stroller with two flat tires.  

The girls slept the whole way home from D.C. which was good because we had promised to take them to watch Zootopia at a nearby mall that does outdoor movies.  They both made it through the movie and I was exhausted when we finally tucked the girls into bed at 10:45.

On Saturday morning I went to a baby shower and Bryan took the girls to a birthday party.  When I met them at the birthday party I found that Bryan and Jilly had decided to be twinners!

On Saturday evening we took dinner to a park that had a river to play in.  

We went to the splash pad in the harbor with some new friends.  Within about 2 minutes of meeting each other these girls were holding hands walking through the city.  Five-year-olds are the best.

Bryan made a Brazilian treat called brigadeiro in honor of the Olympics.  It was delicious and we love cheering on the USA.