Seven on Sunday

1. Nana sent this dress to Jilly and I think she totally looks like a kindergartener.  She told me today "I'm mostly excited for kindergarten, but just a little bit scared."  I of course didn't tell her that I'm mostly sad about kindergarten but just a little bit excited.  One more full week of summer bliss.

2. I made the mistake of grabbing a Junie B. Jones audiobook at the library and now my girls are obsessed.  And Junie B. is terribly annoying if you're over the age of 5.  One of my top goals this week is to get to the library and get a new audiobook for them.  Also, new books for me because I've been in a terrible sad reading slump this summer.  Boo.

3. "One day you girls will choose your ice cream based on flavor instead of color" - Bryan 

4. I love Mattie's Olympics commentary.  While watching gymnastics "I like the fourth of July girls" and during beach volleyball "I can see those girls' red undies!"

5. Speaking of Olympics, Bryan made another Brazilian dessert- Pudim, which is Brazilian flan and tastes delicious.

6.  We're sloooowly ticking away at our "Things to do before baby" list.  Slowly mostly because there are too many fun things to do in the summer and we have plenty of time left.  We're about 90% done with all our bedroom makeovers and for some reason we're really struggling with that last 10%.  I need to channel my inner Joanna Gaines.

7. We took a little day trip yesterday to Rehoboth Beach.  We underestimated traffic and left later than we'd meant to so it was a LONG drive but still a fun day together.  We played in the water and built sand castles and ended the day on the boardwalk with beach fries and pizza.  I grew up going to Rehoboth Beach with my family but hadn't been back in over 10 years.  It was so fun to take my girls and to eat my favorite french fries on the planet. 


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