Brotherly Love

We've been so excited to go to the Open House for the Philadelphia Temple.  We hadn't really figured out our August plans so I put off getting tickets (it's free, but they ask you to reserve a time) then one day a couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend about it and decided I needed to come right home and get tickets.  When I got online there were exactly four tickets left on a Saturday all month and it was the day and time that we were hoping to go.  What luck!

We left first thing Saturday morning and got there early enough to walk around for a bit and see a few sites- the Rocky steps at the Museum of Art, a fountain (can't remember the name), a beautiful library, and the Academy of Natural Sciences.  At 11 we walked over to the temple for our tour.  It was so fun to take our girls through the temple.  And this temple is gorgeous- I especially loved all the colonial architecture and the girls of course loved the sparkly chandeliers.  

After the temple we were starving and there's really only one option for lunch in Philly; we went to Pat's for cheesesteaks.  You have to learn the correct way to order then you have to order fast or they will yell at you (I may be speaking from experience.)  I ordered "one without provolone" which means one sandwich, without onions, provolone cheese.  Our sandwiches were delicious and gone way too fast.  Geno's is another famous place that is right across the street so we decided we needed the full experience and got one more sandwich from Geno's to share.  This time we got "one with whiz" which means with onions and cheese whiz.  The thought of the cheese whiz kind of grossed me out, but it really didn't taste bad.  While Bryan was in line getting our sandwich Mattie fell off the bench right on her head.  It made a loud thunk and I was really worried about her for a few minutes.  But she perked up and benefitted from a nice cold sip of my Coke.  Check out how sweaty her hair was, it was SO SO SO hot!

At this point we were pretty tired (did I mention it was hot?) so we kind of did a quick driving tour of Philly.  We drove by the liberty bell and Independence Hall and waved, we'll definitely have to go back another day to really see the historic sites.  We ended our day at Dilworth Park, where the Love statue is located as well as City Hall and a splash pad.  The girls had a great time splashing around for a bit then slept the whole two-hour drive home.  It was a fun day, and especially great to go inside the temple all together.