Summer lately

After a busy Saturday full of a birthday party, painting, working in our yard, errands, and Bryan taking the girls on a 3 mile hike by himself (for part of the hike Bryan carried both girls!) we ate hotdogs and watermelon in the backyard for dinner and life felt just about perfect.

Cute group of girls at another birthday party

A trip to the aquarium with friends - all the kids were fascinated by the puffins 

Play-dough feast

Bryan was in Palmyra, NY with the youth for a weekend so naturally we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner one night and the beach for a day to keep ourselves busy.  We had fun but were glad to have him home.

Found a turtle on our Sunday walk

Mattie's been working really hard to master winking

Summertime is for crafts- I bought these little heart boxes for the girls and they loved spending an afternoon painting them.  Also, we bought a big jar of perler beads and Jilly is obsessed.  I haven't put my iron away for over a week because she's constantly needing me to iron creations.

Our first homemade popsicles- they were a big hit

And lastly, Bryan and I laughed SO hard at this story.  This could 100% happen at our house.


Shauna said...

Perler beads are the very best! Hours and hours and hours of entertainment!