Divide and Conquer

Since we all went out to California for Christmas we decided to just have Bryan and Jilly go out this summer.  Mattie and I were so sad to miss the fun, but these two had a great time together.  

We dropped them off at the airport early in the morning then started our own week of fun.  Mattie and I went to see Finding Dory- she made sure to bring her backpack full of treats and her socks and jellies.

The next day I had all sorts of projects I wanted to work on at home but it was just so hot I couldn't get the energy to get very much done.  Finally when I put Mattie to bed I realized that our A/C was broken (it was blowing air, so I kept thinking it was working, but it wasn't blowing cold air.)  It was the hottest and one of the most miserable nights of my life but we made it and escaped down to Richmond the next day.  We stopped in D.C. on the way and got to play with Joe while Katie and Neal went to the temple.  He is the sweetest little guy and has the best smile.

It was so nice to be down with my family for a few days instead of home by ourselves (and they had working A/C!)  We got free slurpees on 7/11 but I couldn't quite stomach dressing like a cow when I already feel like a cow.  Instead we went to Taco Tuesday at Cafe Rio and played at a fun splash pad.  My mom watched Mattie one day while I got a haircut.  Mattie fell asleep and I had warned my mom that she's a wild sleeper so it would be a good idea to put a pillow on the side of the bed so she wouldn't fall off.  I came home to find Mattie in a nest of pillows, she has the very best Gigi.  My mom also watched Mattie while I went to see Captain America with my dad, Ty, and Beth one night at the Byrd Theatre.  

I arrived home just an hour before the A/C repairman came and then we picked up Bryan and Jilly later that night.  It was fun to hear about their adventures.  Jilly had a wonderful time playing with her cousin Kirra, and she hasn't stopped talking about how brave she was to jump off a cliff into the lake.  I'm glad they had a great time with Bryan's family, but even gladder that we're all back together again.


Lisa said...

Love Mattie's nest. :) And it sounds like such a fabulous visit back to Richmond! Moms are the best. And I'm feeling for you on the no A/C night. We had one of those when our power went out on the hottest day ever. So miserable! I kept waking up to cover myself in water again. And can't believe Jilly jumped off a cliff into the water! She is brave!