Richmond again

Jilly wanted to visit my family sometime this summer and since they're going to Utah for a couple weeks in August the best time for us to go was just one week after Mattie and I had visited.  This time we picked up Katie and Joey on the way down.  I didn't take many pictures, but we had fun at a Splash Pad, meeting up with my dad for lunch both days, swimming at the pool, going to Tyler's basketball game, going to the Children's Museum, and watching the RNC every night.  We always love visits down to Richmond.

^ Jilly put this hat on Joe and took this picture all by herself.  She loves to play with him and I'm hoping she'll feel the same way about her baby sister!

We came home Friday afternoon to find that Bryan had been busy painting our bedroom.  He's the best.


Lisa said...

Love the color of your room! So pretty!