I ♥ Harry Potter

There are not words to express my love for Harry Potter.  In my family, there is a wide variety of ages and interests, but Harry Potter is something that unites us all.  We love listening to Harry Potter books in the car.  In fact, it is the only thing that keeps us sane during long trips.  We love playing Harry Potter trivia, everyone trying to think of a question that will stump the rest.  My little brother even lost 6 months of his allowance in a bet with my dad over which house Snape was in.  (Before you call child services, I don't think my dad really took the allowance away, but he may have...)  I knew Bryan was a keeper when he called me and said that he had pre-ordered a copy of HP7 for us at the BYU bookstore.  Both brothers-in-law have been required to become HP fans before receiving approval to join the family, and they have enjoyed them just as much as the rest of us.  This year I re-read all 7 books and, as usual, cried my little eyes out at the end.

I did not see the movie last night.  We have a little girl who cannot adjust being back to Pacific time.  She has been going to bed at 4pm and waking up at 3am.  Watching a movie from 12-2 then waking up at 3 just didn't sound appealing to me, even for Harry Potter.  But you can bet we will be seeing it within the week.  I enjoyed getting texts from my siblings and parents who were there at midnight in full costume.  Someone even asked Katie if they could take a picture with her, she looked that good.  Even though we weren't there, we did celebrate by making butterbeer cookies- yum!

I would probably be sad about the end of Harry Potter, but it's definitely not over.  I am so excited to fall in love with the books all over again reading them with my little Jilly.