Biking Adventures

On our last trip to California we decided to bike around San Francisco for a day- something I would highly recommend because we had a wonderful time. I borrowed a bright yellow old bike from Bryan's parents' garage and that day the bike and I bonded. Bryan's dad kindly fixed it up and insisted that I take it home with me. I didn't feel too guilty since I am the shortest in the family by about half a foot and I didn't think the bike would fit anyone but me!

Bryan has been into biking for a while and I was always content to have it just be his thing. And I still am content to let him keep doing his extreme mountain biking all on his own. I think I'll stick to a paved trail, thank you. But I am excited for us to be able to bike together as a family.

We've been on a few biking expeditions together and I'm proud to say I've had my first biking injury. I was turning a corner and just fell over, I'm not sure really what happened. It was totally embarrassing because Bryan was behind me watching and so was this random guy on the sidewalk. But, I did get a nice scrape and bruise. I'm hoping it will leave a scar so I can tell my great grandkids about it.

{I tried approximately 500 times to take this picture in a way that didn't make my calf seem so huge, white, and disgusting but had no success. I hope I haven't offended anyone}

The other night we went up Rock Canyon so Bryan could show me some of his tricks (Rock Canyon is a dirt path so obviously I was using my feet as transportation that night.) The sunset was beautiful so we attempted to figure out some of the settings on our new camera and get some cool pictures.

{He's so fast we call him The Blur}

{Bryan popping a wheelie, what a stud}


Suzie Soda said...

Glad you are ok..and BTW you leg looks fine except for your ooooooowie. Greg bought us new bikes for Valentine's a few years back and we never ride them.
Old age. xoxoxoxo

Lisa Michelle said...

That bruise makes me so sad because it looks so painful!! :( But I am impressed with how hard core you are! Way more hard core than me. Bryan and I went for a ride on Friday and by mile 19, I was going so slow, the only reason I made it back to the car is Bryan promised to get me food on the way home (mmm . . . Wendy's chicken nuggets and fries). You're amazing, Rach. I bet Bryan doesn't even have to bribe you to get you to go biking. I miss you!