Tonight's the night

that all my dreams come true. My true love is taking me to see my other true love:

(i hope things don't get awkward)

I know all the true fans grabbed their wands and dress robes and went on Tuesday night, but some of us have work. Okay, so maybe I'm not included in that category, but Bryan is and I didn't feel good about making him work on 3 hours of sleep. So, in exactly 12 hours we will enter the theater for the moment I've been dreaming of. I can hardly wait.

While I'm on the subject of exciting things, Provo School District kindly traded in my old, decrepit, and frustratingly slow iBook for a brand new MacBook yesterday and I'm loving my new friend!


Janssen said...

A MacBook AND Harry Potter? could life get better?

We're going to see it tomorrow and I can't WAIT!

Kirsten Sue said...

It is really good!!! Have fun!

Judi said...

A. Yeah for Harry Potter

B. So scary about the accident. I am glad you are ok.

C. I got your text and it was fun to remember our Date to the play...good times.

D. Jealous of your fun time at the beach. I am glad you had a good time!

Amy said...

Hope you have fun!

And I'm so happy you got a new macbook- you'll only grow to love it more! :)

Lisa Michelle said...

We never talked about it--how did you like the movie? By the way, maybe it's just my computer, but I couldn't see anywhere to leave a comment on your newest post. Computer glitch? So I'll just leave the comment here: You do SO much and feel free to add "keep Lisa sane" to your list of duties. :)