Small Miracles

I'm in Richmond still enjoying air you can not only breathe, but truly drink in as well as green green green all around me. But tonight Richmond provided me with an unexpected treat that I will most likely never get to experience again.

I feel as though I should start with some history. I hate dogs. I hate how they smell bad, bark too much, make messes, get in your face, cost money as well as a lot of trouble. But about a year ago, our very good friends the Dials' chocolate lab had puppies. I was out in Provo, so I only got to see pictures, but these pictures melted my heart. And, apparently they melted the hearts of my parents, who had previously felt the same way I did about dogs. My family bought a puppy and we have loved welcoming Luna into our family. She is a crazy and adorable little dog.

Well, tonight the Dial's dog went into labor with her second litter and they invited our family over. I got to watch 2 of the little puppies enter this world and hold many of the 8 puppies. It was such a cute and amazing thing to watch. My favorite event of the whole night was when the mom had a puppy and they were wiping her off with a towel and passing her around for everyone to hold. The mommy dog started going crazy looking around in the towels for her puppy. It was so sweet to watch her immediately love this puppy and want to take care of it. We put the puppy back by its mom and she started licking and cuddling it. So precious.

Life is truly a miracle. It's amazing to me how all creatures have been created to fulfill their own purpose and find joy in doing so. Tonight was a reminder that Heavenly Father knows and has planned for every little detail on Earth. It's so great to know we're being looked after and taken care of by a wise and perfect Father in Heaven.

*This picture is not the puppies we saw tonight, this is from http://www.iler.com/labs/images/April2009/newborn2.jpg. I'll try to take pictures if I see them again before I go back to Utah, but this is just what they looked like, cute huh?


Lisa Michelle said...

So precious!! Thanks for sharing! P.s. 8 a time?! I saw a mama dog with her puppies and the poor thing looked like she was carting around 10 gallons of milk. Dogs are amazing.

Tiffany Strong said...

So now how bad do you want a baby?