A day in the life of me

Last night we got a sweet and loving note from our landlord informing us that people would be coming today to work on installing our new 'costs $20 extra a month' internet.

Unfortunately, I let that note slip out of my mind as I went through my Summer morning routine today. My summer routine is very different from my school year routine. During the school year, I always get up at 6:30 (ish), read scripts, shower, get ready, get breakfast and lunch ready, possibly think about dinner that night, and head out the door by 8:00. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is a slow and relaxed morning routine, so during the summer I spoil myself. I spend time checking my email and blogs, watch the morning news and Regis and Kelly, clean the kitchen perfectly, read scriptures, make my list of things to do that day, possibly look up a fun recipe to try, start on a project, and sometimes I even go for a run. All of this happens before I shower and officially get ready for the day.

Today I was enjoying my morning and even started to get some work done for school so I was late in starting the 'official get ready' part. All of a sudden the doorbell rings. Let me give you a little picture of what my friend the maintenance man saw when he came in: Rachel with no makeup, hair exactly what it looked like when I rolled out of bed (not attractive), pajamas still on, teeth unbrushed. And, to make matters worse, as I let him in I trip over Bryan's bike, which we are not supposed to keep in the apartment- hopefully he won't tell. Then it turns out that the maintenance guy is an old roommate of Bryan's. He had the nerve to chat with me while I was in that state.

So here I sit a captive in my apartment, strange men going back and forth (and leaving my door open to let in all the heat!), not able to shower or get ready because they are working near the bathroom, and looking completely atrocious. Are you jealous?


Katie Rich said...

Haha. Don't you love the generosity of our landlords and the mandatory $20 internet? They decided the price without even choosing an internet provider, mind you, so they are actually just making money off of it. How kind.