Saying Goodbye

Thanksgiving was excellent. I don't have time for the details, but trust me- it was excellent. Unfortunately though, it ended. And then came my least favorite part of living in Utah- saying goodbye.

I have self-diagnosed acute separation anxiety. Despite the fact that I am almost 23 years old, have a very supportive husband, and have lived on my own for 4 1/2 years I completely lose my composure when they leave. Basically I bawl my eyes out. Who wouldn't if they had to say goodbye to this:

Luckily I am friends with one of the most amazing girls in the world. Sweet Lisa Michelle has carried me through many departures from my family and was in full force on this one. On Tuesday she delivered this beautiful ray of sunshine to my school with the sweetest card.

You couldn't ask for a better friend. Thank You Lis!!!!!


Bryan said...

Of course, Rach! Truly, you have helped me ten times for every once I've helped you. Thanks for posting the family picture. Tyler is so BIG! And so handsome!

Kirsten Sue said...

I hate saying goodbye to family. When we lived away from them it was all I could do to not get depressed every day. But at least you have your cute husband to be your new family!

Lisa Michelle said...

Whoops! That last comment was definitely me--not Bryan. :)