In the meadow we can build a snowman

Oh, glorious Christmas Break. You couldn't have come soon enough. My normally kind and patient husband has been a beast of sorts as he has suffered through this nightmarish week (He's back to his normal self now, thank goodness.) My classroom has been in complete chaos. I arrived at school shaking and white-knuckled every morning because of that icky white stuff all over the roads. I stood outside in freezing temperatures for 15 minutes a day monitoring 150 rambunctious eight through ten year olds. My head is still pounding from leading the crazy fourth graders as we rocked out to Bruce Springsteen for our Christmas Sing Along. I have wrapped at least 10,000 gifts (it seemed...and I actually liked that part.)

In the morning we're off to the land of burritos and sunshine. I'm ready for a good dose of family, Christmas cheer, sleeping, reading, and eating. Just one more obstacle to my utopia- Nevada. And, a snowy Nevada at that. We're hoping for a good driving day tomorrow.

So, in case I get too busy relaxing, have a very Merry Christmas!!!!