The most wonderful time of the year

I'm not sure exactly how to sum up our Christmas break so far. Words fail me at describing this relaxing and blissful time. And, I don't even have my cord to upload any pictures, but they will come soon, I promise!

This has definitely been a different Christmas- my first away from home. And, there have been a few moments of sadness and homesickness. It's weird to not have dozens of kids running around and to see palm trees with Christmas lights. But, the Martinez's are so good to me, and so fun to be with. I'm lucky to be part of their family now.

We've had so much fun being with family- looking at Christmas lights, playing games, watching movies, working on puzzles, going to a Christmas concert. We had a wonderful Christmas full of presents (I was very spoiled.) We made a fabulous journey into the city to see the beautiful lights, and of course there have been trips to the beach. Bryan and I had a great day yesterday- he took me to Carmel and Monterey for my birthday. It was so beautiful, and so fun to spend time together.

Bryan always makes fun of me because I start feeling sad about leaving before we even go some place! So, although I dread heading back to cold and snowy Utah and work on Monday, I am 100% enjoying this time and I'm so grateful we could take this vacation to celebrate the love of the season with family.