We're all in this Together

Here are the pictures from Friday night. Katie and I got to drive the 8 year olds (Ally, Sarah, and Emily) and they pretty much turned us into 8 year olds as well. We blasted HSM 1 and 2 and sang and danced the whole way. Everyone was jealous of us.

{the pink girls}

{the red girls}

{the "adult" girls}

{we love troy bolton}


William & Tiffany Strong said...

Can I please get one of those shirts! You rock - and can we please wear it to work one day - I don't know when...but Cami needs one too! Maybe we can make up a day like "wear your favorite shirt" day!
You are adorable!

Suzie Soda said...

Looks like you had a blast..what a fun memory.