tuesday ten

1. Kindergarten is honestly kind of rough.  Jilly does love it and has made new friends and is always excited to ride the bus and tell me about her day.  But, I just miss her so much and she's told me a few times "I wish I could stay home and be with you and Mattie all day."  Heartbreaker.  Also, she is SO exhausted and an emotional wreck.  She ends up in a puddle of tears all the time over the silliest things.  It's been exhausting but it has to get better sometime right?

2. Also, she's grown up so much in just a couple weeks.  Jillian loves to wear her shorts to school and almost always wants her hair in a ponytail.  And, she requested some real tennis shoes so we bought these for her.  I seriously don't recognize this girl anymore!

3.  Mattie still misses Jill but is getting used to our days without her.  She loves to dress up and play with all her "friends" and doesn't mind having all my attention at all (let's just hope she doesn't get too used to it!)

4. We went to Bryan's company party on Saturday and in Maryland a company party= crab feast!  There was lots of crab and other delicious food and so many fun activities for the girls.  It was so fun I almost didn't notice how hot and humid and miserable the day was.

5. The girls LOVED the bounce house at the party and ran through it over and over and over.  I wasn't sure Mattie could do it all by herself so Bryan went with her the first time and I was cracking up at how similar their slide poses were.

6. We came home from the party with some extra crab so it wasn't hard to convince Katie and Neal to come eat and watch the BYU vs. Utah game with us.  The game was a disappointment, but the excellent company made up for it.

7. Mattie's nursery teachers are the sweetest couple and she adores them (which is kind of a big deal because Mattie can be pretty picky.)  We are so, so sad that they are moving back to the Philippines this week- we'll miss Brother Lim and Sister Lim so much!

8. It finally cooled off Sunday and I felt like a new person as we went on a walk at the Oregon Ridge Nature Trail.  Never have I looked forward to fall as much as I have this year.

9. Baltimore County is so funny, we have days off of school ALL the time (and you won't hear me complaining at all!)  Monday was a Muslim holiday and Jilly chose to go to the mall for lunch, the play place, and a visit to the Disney store.  We loved having her home for a day!

10. Bryan can always convince the girls to watch biking videos with him if it involves cuddling and staying up past bedtime.  


Lisa said...

The crab looks amazing. And baby Joe is so big and cute!
And sooooo true about fall. I already like fall about a thousand times more than any other season, but I've never been so ready for it!
And kindergarten is rough. Another one of my friends has decided to homeschool and I'm so not ready for that!