Seven on Sunday

1. The girls went to an awesome birthday party last Saturday.  Jasmine came and the favorite topic of conversation among all the little girls ever since has been what princess will come to their party.  Here's hoping for a little bit of memory loss.

2. It is very rare for both girls to fall asleep on the couch so it was quite a treat when we all took a nap together last Sunday.  The girls will miss being able to use their baby sister as a pillow!

3. Kindergarten has been quite the adjustment.  Mattie misses Jillian more than I thought she would; she'll often ask me in the middle of the day "Can we go pick up my sister now?"  Jilly always seems happy and excited to go to school; she loves riding on the bus and she's made a new friend named Delaney.  But she's also SO exhausted and emotional, we've had many meltdowns this week.  I hate that she's gone for so long (9-4 every day!) but I must admit, it's pretty easy breezy to just have Mattie around during the day.

4. On Wednesday Bryan called me at 4:30 and asked if I thought I could find a babysitter for that night because he had free Orioles tickets from work.  Miraculously, I did- there was a girl in our ward who hadn't left for college yet and was available.  It was hard to leave Jilly on a school night during the first week of school but so fun to go to the game with Bryan.  The seats were really great and it was a fun and rare mid-week date.

5. We finally went camping this summer!  Our ward campout was Friday night and we had a wonderful time.  The girls ran around with their friends and got super dirty, we roasted hot dogs and made s'mores, and after the girls crashed in the tent Bryan and I stayed up late playing games with friends (and got in trouble for being too rowdy!)  Camping while pregnant wasn't too terrible, Bryan took care of everything.  He bought a new air mattress for me and I was cracking up at my bed (queen size air mattress) next to his little camping pad.  I hardly slept at all but it was worth it; Mattie said "this was the best day ever to go camping!"

6. Bryan made crepes tonight and they were really, really delicious.  New Sunday night tradition perhaps?

7. We heard that this huge sunflower field is in bloom so we headed over this afternoon.  It was magnificent and made me feel that maybe fall is on its way here.


Lisa said...

Oh how I love so many of these things: fields of sunflowers, those crepes, and that pic of you girls all napping. So cute!