Welcome 2010

As of today, my classroom looks like this:

And, it's not just my room. Every 3rd-6th grade classroom in my school looks like this. When I was in fifth grade (in 1995) I had my first classroom with computers. There were 6 of them and they were monstrous. I'm not exactly sure of the capabilities of those machines, but I do know they were perfect for Troggle Trouble Math and the Oregon Trail. Oh, the good old days. I also remember that we used Hyperstudio (does that even exist anymore?) to make State Reports. I remember thinking how cool I was to be able to make a project like that on the computer. I'm pretty sure that any first grader at my school could make a project just like my fifth grade state project.

I love how technology is changing education. My kids are on the computer doing activities and programs for at least an hour every day. They have made some amazing projects and are continually teaching me cool things these machines can do. It makes school so exciting and modern. I'm pretty sure I would have died if I lived in the days when "school" was a one room deal with only chalk and slate- gross.


Maddy said...

That is so crazy!! I'm coveting your students computer!

kali said...

This makes me kinda sad! My kids are going to know more about computers than me...
And I LOVED Hyperstudio!