I'll be Home for Christmas

In Richmond, Virginia (aka home) it snows about once a year. We get a couple inches and everyone freaks out. The grocery stores run out of milk and bread because everyone thinks they are going to be snowed in, school is canceled for days, if not weeks, and it's a regular merry holiday for all.

Yesterday it snowed approximately 1 foot in Richmond, which means great excitement and paranoia for all good Richmonders. Except for those of us that were supposed to fly in today. All flights to Richmond CANCELED. Thus we are still in Provo, pouting and bemoaning our terrible fortune.

This is most definitely not the first in my book of horrific flying experiences while traveling during the holidays. You would think I would get used to it, and even plan for it, but every year I hope that this time it will be easy and problem-free. Not so much.

Luckily we got on another flight arriving on Sunday, and we're crossing our fingers that the weather cooperates. If that doesn't work, we'll move on to Plan C. Somehow we will make it home for Christmas!