Summer Lovin

The beautiful weather this weekend demanded that Bryan and I get out and enjoy.

On Friday we went to the park to enjoy the four main food groups of Summer-

corn on the cob,

watermelon, and ice cream
*no picture, ate it too fast.

On Saturday after running five quadrillion errands we hiked to Stewart Falls.

{Please be impressed by the rainbows in the waterfall}

And now I get to enjoy watching You've Got Mail while Bryan writes his talk for church tomorrow.

Life is sweet.


Judi said...

Wow Rach. You look beautiful! I am glad you finally put pics up. You already looked tan in the pictures :) Can't wait to see you.

Suzie Soda said...

Glad you have some down time now. I I love " you've got mail'. And you picnic looks fab. We are all at the beach ( DUCK) for our family reunion......it is beautiful here. xoxoxo

Kirsten Sue said...

That rainbow is way cool!

Amy said...

Love the pictures! Sounds like a great weekend! We can't wait to see you guys soon!!!