Mr. Mom

For the past two weeks Bryan has been in an interim between finishing the school year and starting a summer internship and it has been great. I told myself I wasn't going to be obnoxious and leave him honey do lists. (Well, more like he told me that wasn't acceptable.) But, the amount he has accomplished all on his own is incredible. Here's a taste of his greatness:

- Makes dinner every night (really, I can't remember the last time I made dinner)
- Took on the task of mailing Mother's Day gifts
- Came to have lunch with me at school, causing my cute girls to chant "Kiss him! Kiss him!"
- Printed resumes and cover letters for me, then printed them again the next day because they weren't right
- Cleaned the entire apartment (I realize it's not that big, but it is now sparkling)
- Planned a fun date night for last night (date on a Wednesday?? Unheard of during school)
- Put together a mini wagon replica to teach my kids about Utah Pioneers
- Don't worry, he's also done some fun things like hiking to the top of Y Mountain- and I don't mean the Y, I mean the top, like the very top of the mountain (insane.)

Things have been going so smoothly these past two weeks, I'm contemplating making this a permanent thing. I mean, lots of families do the Stay-at-home Dad thing. I could come home every night to find a clean house, delicious dinner, clean clothes, full refrigerator, and happy children that have finished all their homework and practiced piano.

One problem- not sure my salary would be sufficient for a whole family. Maybe Bryan can work on that one...


Amy said...

nice work Bry!

Sounds like a great treat!