When I was 16, my mom was pregnant. In case you can't remember being 16, having a pregnant mom is basically the absolute worst thing that could ever happen. But, on May 28, 2002 one of the greatest things of my life happened. My adorable little brother Tyler was born. Ty is hilarious, so smart, and just fun to be around. Tyler also thinks that Bryan is the greatest thing to ever happen in his life. He's told me multiple times, "I miss you a little bit Rach, but I really miss Bryan the most." Ugh.

Anyway, one of the worst parts about living in Utah is being away from this cute little guy who is growing so quick. I hardly recognize him! But, it is always fun to hear stories of what's going on back home. My mom told me this one the other day and I thought it was so cute, I had to share.

Ty has a little friend in his class whose dad just passed away from stomach cancer. His first grade teacher went over to the little girl's house to see how she was doing. The teacher was talking about telling the class about what had happened and Tyler's friend said, "You can tell Tyler because he believes in God."



Suzie Soda said...

So sweet. I love that. He is a cutie and will be fabulous with the influence of all his big sisters. xoxoxo

Lisa Michelle said...

Rach, that is so sweet.

William and Tiffany Strong said...

Okay, adorable. He is awesome.