five on friday

1. For the most part Summer so far has been very, very good to us.  There are moments when I panic that we have a looooong, hot summer ahead with a lot of unscheduled together time.  But, I'm perfecting the art of wearing the girls out with fun in the morning so they either crash for a little afternoon rest or are totally ready for bedtime at 7pm.  I'm also passing along my love of lists.  In addition to our List of things to do this Summer, I printed off Janssen's list of 100 Picture Books to Read and we're making our way through.  Our library basket is overflowing, we've been loving our backyard, and we've had some fun days with friends this week.  

2. I took the girls to lunch one day and while we were eating our sandwiches a thug-ish looking man wearing a big gold chain necklace walked by.  Mattie said (very loudly) "Hey, boys don't wear necklaces!"  I told her that sometimes they do but even louder she replied, "No, boys should NOT wear necklaces."  I didn't dare turn around to see the man's reaction.  

3.  The girls convinced me to play sleepover with them- we had story time, singing time, and then snuggled into beds they had made.  I don't think they had expected me to really fall asleep though.

4.  Katie and Baby Joe came up to go to the aquarium with us.  We loved showing them all our favorite animals and even got to see the sharks being fed- scary!!

5.  You thought I was kidding about going to tcby every Wednesday for the rest of the summer?  We also made it out to Prigel Creamery this week for our first visit of the year.  


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