Thanks for Thanksgiving

We had Thanksgiving down in Richmond with my family.  On the day before Thanksgiving Bryan had to work most of the day and Jilly had school so we didn't get to leave until 3pm.  When we were finally on the road I sent this picture to my friend Britney and she said "woah, there's a lot of pink in that car."  We wouldn't have it any other way. ;)  We knew traffic on I-95 would be bad, and it was, but we made it in time to meet my family for dollar taco night, a pre-Thanksgiving tradition we started last year and love.

Before going to bed Jilly said she was most excited for the parade in the morning.  She watched nearly the entire thing, then my mom kept us all busy with kid and adult coloring books til dinner time.  We had a delicious Thanksgiving feast then walked around Deep Run Park where Jilly found a stage and put on quite a show.

Friday was the most gorgeous day.  We went out to Carter Mountain in Charlottesville.  It was past peak apple season but we picked a few and made sure to get some delicious apple cider donuts.  

That night we went to see Christmas lights and had a fire and roasted marshmallows.  

On Saturday we went to see The Hunger Games movie while my mom stayed home with the girls (she's the best!)  We did some yard work/played outside then watched the BYU game and drove home.  It was a great weekend with family.