five on friday

ONE | My aunt sent us a suitcase full of hand-me-downs from her girls for Jilly.  It has been so fun to have so many cute new dresses; Jilly is in heaven.  Also, Mattie's necklace broke so Bryan expertly fixed it with a paper clip.  She loves it and wears it all the time, proudly telling everyone that her daddy fixed it.

TWO | Two-year-olds + makeup is pretty much my least favorite combination ever.  Mattie is quick and fierce in her application and almost always looks like she has a black eye (or two.)

THREE | I took Jillian to Target to use a giftcard she was given for her birthday.  We looked at basically everything in the store while Jilly stressed over choosing just one thing.  But then we found this dress and she was immediately sold.  When we got home Jilly let Mattie try the dress on first, which is probably the nicest thing anyone in our family has ever done.  

FOUR | We all sat down to watch Aladdin one night (it was Bryan's favorite growing up and the girls hadn't ever seen it.)  Within the first 20 seconds, this is what Bryan looked like.  We're grateful he works so hard for his girls.

FIVE | I love finding my two Cinderella's dancing at the ball.