We live in feline-ville.  Everyone around us has a cat.  There also is a stray cat whose owners used to live in our apartment but left without him (if I was a better person I would feel sorry for him.)  Ever since the day we moved in he has been trying to slip in our house or car when we are not looking.  One time he made it in the house and it may have been the loudest Bryan has ever heard me scream.  Another time I noticed that he had a large wound and was bleeding.  I'm just a little ashamed to admit that I hoped that maybe that would be the end of our stray.  The day after I noticed the injury we saw our neighbors out looking at the cat.  The woman said, "I feel so bad for him!  Do you know anything about cats?  What can we do for him?"  Without thinking I replied, "Oh yeah, I saw that he was hurt yesterday, um... I don't know anything about cats."  At the time I was pregnant and I'm pretty sure my neighbors were concerned that this heartless woman was about to mother a child.

The cat spends much of the day out on our patio which doesn't thrill me, but I guess it's better than inside my apartment.  Last night I looked through our sliding glass door and noticed the cat doing some sort of dance out there.  I don't have a lot of cat experience but I immediately had a terrible idea of what was going on.  I moved closer to confirm my nasty suspicion- the cat was tossing a dead mouse around on my patio.  I may never leave my apartment ever again.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the nasty, repulsive cat but I didn't want to leave you with such a terrible image and my sister told me the other day that I hadn't posted a picture of Jilly in a while and "that's the only reason I look at your blog."  So, this one's for you Jenn.


Suzie Soda said...

Cats gross me out too. Jilly is a better mental image.