In case you haven't already figured this out, I am a very spoiled girl. October is full of delightful and exciting events this year, and I am completely giddy about it!

#1 General Conference Weekend, which is always emotionally, physically, and definitely spiritually rejuvenating. We had a wonderful time staying with Grandma and Grandpa Rice, eating till our clothes didn't fit anymore, watching/attending Conference sessions, and visiting with various family members.

#2 In case you haven't heard, Provo is spectacular in October. I am LOVING the beautiful colors that surround us.

#3 Fall Break is next week and that means. . . Girl's Trip to visit Lisa!!!! I am so excited to see my dear friend and spend lots of time eating, talking, shopping, and sight-seeing.

#4 Homecoming Weekend brings a visit from my dad. I'm excited for him (and the rest of the family) to leave me in the dust while running the Cougar Run. We'll also celebrate Grandpa's birthday and cheer on our Cougs.

#5 Halloween is always extremely crazy at school, but hopefully I'll survive because Bryan's parents will be here visiting. We're excited to do some fun and Halloween-ish things with them.

#6 As if all that wasn't exciting enough, I start my second training class! Now I will get to go to meetings after school on Wednesday nights and Thursday nights.

I hope you get to enjoy Funtober as much as I do!


Lisa Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, could you BE any busier?! So fun, though!! I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!