Occasionally Bryan and I, like all newly married couples, discuss names for our future children. It usually goes like this- I give a few names that I like and ask Bryan what he thinks. Bryan tells me, "not Abby because the dog next door was named Abby, not Madeline because I once knew a really annoying girl named Madeline, not Spencer because that is old-fashioned." I smile sweetly and remind myself I'm the one going through the 9 months of misery (am I allowed to say that?!?) and thus I will use the pity that I'm sure will develop in Bryan's heart to convince him of whatever name I choose. Then Bryan says, "what about Hezekiah??" And the conversation ends.

But, there is one name we can agree on, have agreed on since before we were engaged. Among our other children (none of which whose name will be Hezekiah) we will have one special child named Miguel. His full name actually is Miguel Pecos Fernando de Soto Martinez. Miguel will be our Mexican child- his diet will consist of beans and rice, he will only speak Spanish and wear sombreros, and he will only listen to mariachi band music. The rest of our kids will be mainstream American kids wearing the latest fashion from Justice and eating corn dogs and french fries, but special Mexican Miguel will be our very favorite.

You have to have some fun if your last name is Martinez, right?

Some faithful readers thought this was an announcement. Alas, I am not pregnant. This is all hypothetically speaking. Sorry for the confusion. When I am pregnant, I'll be really obvious about it. :)


Tiffany Strong said...

Is this a hint at something....or is this just a dream. I have told you that our first girls name is going to be Penny June Strong right?
I like January and Oliver. Will doesn't really like January...but I agree you are the one with the 9 months of misery...ha ha!

Lisa Michelle said...

I love Miguel already! I have loved him for years. :)

Kirsten Sue said...

My first boyfriend at Pinchbeck was named Poncho. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed rice and beans. You might want to consider that one.

Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

I LOVE it, Rachel! There isn't really anything funny you can do with Phillips... So all we can do is fight over whether or not I can name our boys names of boys I dated. Sigh... All I want is a Nate. Not because of the Nate I dated, but because I love that name!

P.S. I feel really bad about killing off your plant. Can I buy you a new one? Please...

Amy said...

haha this reminds me of the laughs we had when we were talking about names. Hezekiah- I think no matter what when your first kid comes out I'll be calling him or her Hezekiah... maybe Hezy for short. haha