No more Vampire movies for me

A couple nights ago I had a dream that one of my students was being awful in class. I got so frustrated with her that I bit her on her arm. I distinctly remember seeing the teethmarks (that looked quite similar to Bella's scar) and being horrified at myself. I woke up panting and sweating, positive that I was going to be fired.

My students got the nicest and sweetest teacher they've ever seen today, I was so nervous that I would snap and start sucking their blood at any minute.


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your week is full of thankfulness, family, and turkey!


An Apple a Day

The other day one of my students brought me two bags full of apples from her apple tree. Thus, our tiny kitchen is now overflowing with red, juicy deliciousness. Since it would take until 2010 for us to eat them all individually, I've been looking for yummy apple recipes. So far we've made this and I'm planning to make this this weekend.

Any good apple recipes for us to try?



At 7:00 this morning my alarm went off so that I could make it to my 7:30 Step Class at the gym. My body requested more time in my warm, cozy bed and I kindly acquiesced. At 7:45 I realized the gym class wasn't happening but I needed some way to exercise so I decided to go for a run.

This morning was the perfect mix of chilliness and bright sunshine that only November can bring. The few colors that are left on the trees were shining brilliantly, and the rest of the colors on the ground provided me immense crunching pleasure as I ran. The air had the crisp smoky smell of Autumn.

Whoever decided Thanksgiving should be in November was a genius, because how can you not feel thankful when you are living November?

Then I came home and turned on Christmas music. . . because November also means 'tis the season!

I did not take this picture- I did not have a camera on hand during my run nor am I capable of photography of this caliber, but I wanted you to have a small portion of the experience nonetheless.